MiC 4.0 Database
A new approach

Each machine/telemetry unit can have the MiC 4.0 protocol installed and thus send all data agreed under the respective machine type and under MiC 4.0. Thereupon everyone can test his machine with the MiC 4.0 test tool whether the desired and made implementations work. This can be repeated as often as required and optimized until the MiC 4.0 requirements are met according to the test protocol/test tool. With this status, the fulfillment of the MiC 4.0 test protocol is determined according to the specified conditions and the results are transferred to the MiC 4.0 database with the explanatory information (date, status of the protocol, tested data, etc.). Thus, the tested machine is classified as "MiC 4.0 Ready". With this database, any interested party is able to get an overview of the data provided under MiC 4.0 by the respective manufacturer for a specific machine or machine type.

A corresponding document confirms the successful completion of the
MiC 4.0 test and authorizes the "MiC 4.0 Ready" logo to be affixed to the machine. This logo is only valid with the accompanying entry in the MiC 4.0 database!

MiC 4.0 database
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